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Project insights

OMV Slovenia second largest fuel retailer in Slovenia participated on 21th Ljubljana marathon as a diamond sponsor. Based on client brief and goals, digital activities were split into two phases: create awareness and secondly build experiential platform for passionate runners, integrated with social media.

At the beginning of campaign we prepared a simple prize contest to create attention on social media channels. In second phase of the campaign we build a sophisticated social sharable photo application to capture race moments all of 15.000 runners and their numerable supporters. OMV photo point was set at the 5th kilometer for all racing categories. More than 14.000 photos were shot to catch every single moment. We developed a one-of-a-kind application that gave the runners a great tool to easily find several personal images by entering just a racing number, see personal statistics and create branded sharable infographics. Campaign resulted outstanding organic reach at high engagement rate.


OMV Slovenia


SEMPL 2016 – Best Targeted Campaign Finalist

Sporto 2015 – Digital Award Finalist

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